Foresthill Heritage

The Foresthill Divide is one of the earliest explored areas of California during the Gold Rush. In 1850, R.S. Johnson and the Bannon Brothers came upon a plateau within the Sierra Nevada Foothills. Due to the dense forest of Pine, Spruce and Fir trees, they rightfully gave the town the name "Forest Hill".


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After the gold played out many Foresthill settlers turned to logging the tall trees that cover the Divide and a dozen lumber mills were established in and around Foresthill. The harvesting of timber, just like the gold, eventually became too costly to pursue and the mills were closed, causing many of the residents to seek employment off the hill in nearby Auburn and even Sacramento.

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Foresthill, however, was not “down-and-out”. With the wonderful outdoor recreational opportunities of the Tahoe National Forest, beautiful lakes and snow covered mountains, and the improvement of Foresthill Road during the 1990’s by the Federal Government, people seem to have rediscovered the Foresthill Divide.

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